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Circus Oz was Australia's premier international circus, who in 26 countries on five continents. In early 2002, Circus Oz enjoyed its strongest financial position since its inception in 1977, profit and sitting on excess AUD $ 1,169,313. Although in recent years the company has increased its share of income from the box office, more than 60% of its funding continues to come from the Australia Council, its largest state sponsors. Linda Mickleborough, general director of Circus Oz, wondering how to respond to the recent proposal by Australia Council for the funding of new positions, development director, at the circus Oz. Australia Council urging the circus to hire experts in the field of development to increase its funding from corporate donors. The tricks, the Board proposed to guarantee the cost position for two years. Mickleborough found the ideal candidate. The solution, however, it was still difficult. Circus Oz was relatively flat wages, reflecting deep-rooted egalitarian and democratic values. These values ​​are central to the creative process of the company culture and aesthetic. Salary offered the position of director of development was more than double the highest salaries currently paid to any employee of the Circus Oz. Such a big difference wage could harm the company and moral culture. "Hide
by James Phills, Hilary Stockton Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 20 pages. Publication Date: August 20, 2006. Prod. #: SI69A-PDF-ENG

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