Challenge the Boss or Stand Down Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1:


Frank’s discussions with Tom were not in a sense of bad communication skills at all,although he is the boss of Tom and has             several years of professional experience in this field. Frank followed professional behavior and emailed the upper management against the bad behavior and communication skill and language used by Tom, hence challenging him in front of public.

Good and Bad Comments and explanation:

“Understood,” Tom said wearily.

In the first meeting Tom’s behavior was little weird related to the project as if he had no interest in this project and he did not want to do it. Although Frank politely talked with him and told him to stay relaxed and said that he was thinking about the kiosk services development project and if they do not bring any new strategy soon, then we would not be able to compete in the market.

He said that he knew he was not in support of the project and that he emailed him about the project. Moreover, Frank told him to put his other work aside as they would have a meeting next week, however if he did not make any plan that was requested by him.Frank also said to Tom that the project requires extra focus from Tom.

2. ” Frank projected a slide showing a U.S. map with each of the company’s five sales regions. “Given the market opportunities in the Eastern region, Tom and his team will have the most-aggressive growth targets—15% for the airline, hotel, and car rental markets combined. Next, the South Central region—” “Frank?” Tom interrupted. “There’s no way we can achieve double-digit growth this year.” “Excuse me?” Frank responded, astonished. The room was silent.

During the meeting when Frank gave presentation about the kiosk service development project target,he said that the Tom and his team should achieve the 15% growth target of airline and car markets combined. At the same time, Tom interrupted him and said that it would not be achieved especially achieving growth in double figures. Frank replied to Tom as“Excuse me” and then the room was silent....................................

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