Care Group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Care Group is a result of a merger between three prominent and large hospitals that include, Beth Israel, Deaconess, and Mount Auburn Hospital. These three large medical institutions effectively collaborated with each other in forming this new organization in Eastern Massachusetts in the year 1996. Although the major aim of forming this organization is to cater the vast population of the region with medical facilities, however, there were three key factors that became the basis for forming this organization. The organization originally started operations with an objective to deliver support to the physicians and hospitals in the form of a care delivery system.

However, with the passage of time the organization has improved and evolved to become a confederation model that supports its affiliates with an opportunity to share some common services. The affiliates have the feasibility to use these services by either borrowing or purchasing. On the other hand, the organization has a decentralized structure that is committed to delivering quality and safety regarding patient care.

As the organization is a result of a merger, therefore, the IT department of the organization paid maximum efforts to bring integration between every department at every facility. The need for creating such a network was important and vital and with significant efforts a desired IT network was created. This network allowed every hospital involved in the formation of the organization to share a common system. This system later on became as one of the most efficient IT systems in the industry and was regarded as the most advanced and effective network system in the country.

Core Issues

The major issue that the company is facing regarding the network collapse that happened due to the improper efforts of a researcher while experimenting with an application that commands files are sharing. This issue later on became highly uncontrollable as it allowed terabytes of data to move easily across the network by copying data from surrounding networks in large volumes. The company is facing challenges in coping with this situation and the situation got worse after few individual tried to overcome the issue of handling the network. This situation eventually forced the company to seek external aid and the CIO immediately called CISCO for assistance. The chief information officer of the company is under real consideration of a solution to handle this situation properly. While doing so, he has learned a few lessons that can be vital to developing a suitable recommendation for the CIO.


This portion will diagnose the current situation and the events that played a vital role in framing the issue and bringing the organization in a situation it currently facing. The issue of the network collapse has occurred due to a series of incidents, and many players, or people are involved in this situation. In order to analyze the situation, the competing value framework will be used to identify the causes of the issue and what are the major provocations towards the scenario.

Competing Values Framework

The CVF framework has four quadrants that include competing, collaborate, control and create. Each quadrant has different dimensions that are important to fill in order to identify the right quadrant for the issue. The issue faced by the company has significant importance as the network collapse destroyed the integration between the hospitals and different units; therefore, the issue lies in the quadrant of collaborate. While assessing the situation in the Collaborate quadrant, the purpose of the organization, the practices that led to frame this issue and the people involved in the scenario will be identified and discussed (Kim S. Cameron).


The purpose of the organization is to bring stability in their information system and get rid of the network collapse that the company is facing in order to bring the activities back on track. The company’s mission is to deliver quality service to the patient that also needs to be quick and safe. In order to achieve this objective stability in the IT, network is important for the company as it allows integration and helps in running the operations smoothly. Stability in the network guides the organization in transferring information easily and makes the flow of information fast.


There are certain events or practices of people in the organization that caused a series of events and played a vital role in shaping this issue. The first and the most important event is the experimentation done by a researcher that created the network collapse. The researcher started testing the application for knowledge management designed to share files, but somehow due to some urgency, he left the process incomplete and left the file running............................

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