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Care Group, Inc. is a Massachusetts non-profit organization that manages a local social and health care delivery system including educating and group healing facilities, doctor groups and different care givers.

Care Group’s motivations incorporate the support of customized, patient-focused care and perfection in therapeutic training and research. Care Group’s shared doctor facilities and doctors serve the health needs of patients and groups of more Boston and other encompassing groups in eastern Massachusetts.

In 1996, five sizable health cares in Massachusetts merged with Care Group, which was the group of medicinal services suppliers that offered health care to this vast patient populace.

The IT department of Care Group was expected to make an IT system that coordinated every facility in various departments. By 2002, the hospitals were united on a common system and shared what was accepted to be among the most exceptional network frameworks in the United States at that time. Care Group, a human services framework in Massachusetts, encountered a network outrage in November 2002. This outrage was started by a scientist who unexpectedly introduced a rogue software program onto the framework that overpowered the network system.

In November 2002, a scientist in Care Group was exploring different avenues regarding a file sharing application. After finding that his significant other was in the process of giving birth, he all of a sudden left with the software running in an untested condition. This new application started to investigate encompassing systems and duplicated information in extensive volumes, inevitably moving terabytes of information over the system.

On November 13 2002, the whole system for Care Group went down for just about four days. Nobody in the IT office could identify the issue or problem, and then the field specialists from Cisco were brought in with their "IT Swat Team.

Problem Statement:

  • Care Group had reduced its capital spending, which the system to collapse
  • The design of proprietary network system at Care Group was poor
  • Care Group did not have an established operational flow
  • Little control and IT governance on basic clients to get access or to make the improvements to the system design
  • Ineffective or disaster strategies for back up process
  • Too vigorously relied upon a single employee

Question and Answers:

1.What was the underlying cause of the collapse of the system?

The three and a half day collapse of the IT system of Care Group was caused due to researcher experimenting the rogue software which was not effectively tested.

The causes that prompt to the collapse of the network system are numerous. Some relate to operational inefficiencies while other identify with how the firm neglected to understand the significance of IT risk as a threat to the business.

On account of Care Group, while a large group of collapse sources have been recognized below, it is important to notice that the most of the management who work on multiple functioning and operating system uses only single network. Along with this, the lack of management support towards incremental changes in the system brought about lesser control over the information routes and paths and its subsequent flow. Lastly, the monitored trial application became the reason for failure.

One of the real causes that led to structure failure in Care Group was insufficient planning and incident management. Despite the fact that a review of the whole framework had been led a couple of months before the disaster, the IT audit neglected to basically analyze the practices and the everyday operations that were being utilized as a part of the IR methods in this firm.

These did not only incorporate an audit of the profitability and productivity of the system but also general checking of the passwords to identify who had access to the information to keep up the protection of the patients, logging capacities, and information access and control systems.

The breakdown of the framework at Care Group is owed basically to the absence of a proactive approach to the disaster management that is apparent from the absence of suitable check and balance. Along with this, the part of IT office in the hospitals was not characterized obviously concerning the strengthen they are given in connection to the do's and don'ts.

In short the causes were:

  • New management application led to the monopolization of the main switch
  • Weak telecommunication framework to handle the large data
  • The installation of seven network segments that were connected with the switches and delivering the same message to the primary and the backup pairs
  • Reduction in IT operating and capital expenditure from 30 million to 5 million in last month
  • No any investment was made to upgrade the system
  • Reduction in the IT staff from 380 to 200 as well as the firm relies on small team in order to handle the operational issues............

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