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Can Bollywood Go Global?

Q. 1. Thinking about a Bollywood movie you have seen, what was it target audience? Would this movie have broad appeal to an American audience?  Why or why not? If the movie was changed to speak to American audience, do you think it would still appeal to an Indian audience?  Can a movie appeal to both successfully?

Solution No.1

The Bollywood movie that appealed to both the Indian andAmerican audience was “Barfi!”released in 2012, having a romantic comedy genre, directed and produced by Anurag Basu. The film portrays the story of “Barfi!” Murphy Johnson (a deaf and mute man)and his relationship with two females, Shruti and Jhilmil (autistic).Starring encompasses Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Roopa Ganguly as a supporting characters. The movie was budgetedfor about  30 crores (US $ 4.9 million), Barfi! Exposed at global level for the purpose of approval on 14th September 2012. Several critics acclaimed the performances,screenplay, direction, music and attractive portrayal of physically disabled people.It was one of the top box-office movies, becoming one of the leading Bollywood movies of 2012 in India and overseas. It was also declared a “Super-Hit” movie after three years by the Box Office India. The movie accumulated 1.75 billion (US $ 20 million) worldwide. The target audience of the movie was upper-middle and upper class as they prefer sophistication and elegance and avoid watching violence andAmericans, usually,prefers the movies that based on reality. “Barfi!” attracted both the Indian as well as American audience because it was much closer to the reality and lesser fiction involved in it, unlike the traditional Hollywood movies, however,Indian audience prefersa movie with a mixture of songs and dance, so if the movie were made for an American audience, it wouldn’t be appealing to the Indian audience. If the Movie “Barfi!”is remade with a focus on fiction, music, dance and still closer to the reality than the movie will appeal to both Indian and American audience.

Q.2. What are some key differences between film markets in India and the US? What kind of opportunities does Bollywood present for American studios?

Solution No.2

            As far as revenue is concerned, both the Bollywood and Hollywood film industries are performing successfully. Both have a relatively high market share and growth due to increasing in the popularity among people on an international level andboth the industries have managed to releasemovies at a rapid pace throughout the world consistently. Bollywood based in Mumbai, India, while Hollywood is based in Los Angles, United Sates of America.There are various similarities in both the industries due to globalization and the impact of social media, but still there are some differences betweenthe film markets in India and the United States, some of them are:

  • Different Genres
  • Special Effects
  • Cinema Popularity
  • Super Hit Movies
  • Technical Aspect
  • Globalization
  • Revenue Generation 

Different Genres

            Bollywood movies generally include a combination of songs and dance, and around 20 percent of the movies are narrative. Indian movies encompass romance, emotions, comedy, action and suspense in the movie. As far as Hollywood is concerned, it hardly encompasses on music and dance compilation in the movies except for a few movies. Most ofthe Hollywood movies are based on fiction and many are closer to the reality.

Special Effects

            The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix have reorganized the concept of special effects in the movies worldwide. Bollywood movies are less attractive than the Hollywood movies concerning special effects and themes.Bollywood organizes the family oriented cinema, unlike the Hollywood. Though the Bollywood tries to implement special effects in the movies like Krish and Ra-One to challenge the Hollywood stereotype, but it will need more enhancement and time to compete with Bollywood.

Cinema Popularity

            Itis no doubt that there is a huge difference among the Bollywood and Hollywood Cinema as far as popularity is concerned. Hollywood Cinema is a much more sophisticated than the Bollywood at global level. However, few of the Indian artists such as Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, and Aishwariya Rai and others have been able to become popular in the west. The rising demand of the Indian actors in West may pose a threat for the Bollywood film industry and Bollywood stars consider working with Hollywood a dream come true.

Super Hit Movies

                The general perception is that Hollywood makes star movie while Bollywood makes movie stars. This explains that in Hollywood there is a focus on launching an attractive fiction based movie while Bollywood focused on the stars more than the movie. That is one of the main reasons Hollywood creates outstanding movies as compared to Bollywood. In Hollywood industry, the producer, concentrates on one project at a time and take the maximum time to compile an exceptional movie unlike the Bollywood............

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Considers the opportunities and challenges faced by Indian film producers access to the world market the film. Provides historical context, describing the history of cinema and Hollywood rise to global dominance of the 1920s. Although the film industry continues elsewhere, including Britain and France, their production was limited international appeal. The increase of the Indian film industry, and industry structure. Bollywood films produced in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), the most well-known genre. They are usually long, melodramatic, and music. There are also regional language films produced in Chennai, independent films, and "crossover" films, usually involving the Diaspora experience in Western countries. Bollywood movies, in particular, are well sold in Southeast Asia and among the Indian diaspora. Raises the question of whether the content of Indian films can compete with Hollywood on world markets and the extent to which changes in the content of this requires that strategy. "Hide
by Jeffrey J. Jones, Surachita Mishra, Namrata Arora, Alexis Lefort Source: Harvard Business School 29 pages. Publication Date: August 26, 2005. Prod. #: 806040-PDF-ENG

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