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Q.3. What is the best strategy for Bollywood to go global?  Should they pursue a niche market of the global Indian Diaspora?  Or should they try to reach a non-Indian audience?  What kind of relationships should Indian filmmakers build with Hollywood movie industry?

Solution No.3

            Bollywood has already captured a market at a rapid pace, but it still needs to expand their global reach to the audience to compete with the Hollywood. Bollywood actors, usually, perform in Hollywood movies; this will play a major role in order to create awareness of Indian culture around the world. Bollywood should involve in Joint-Ventures with the Hollywood to expand the business and share the resources. It will facilitate both the Bollywood actors as well as the entire industry in terms of profit. Bollywood should promote their celebrities worldwide in order to strengthen the industry. Joint Ventures will be beneficial for the Bollywood industry, when Hollywood uses the Indian cinema, it will increase the brand image of Bollywood as well as their best performance will tempt the audience to watch more of Bollywood movies. Bollywood should promote actors from different cultural background rather than only encouraging Indian audience. Bollywood should also include multiple celebrities in the advertisements and commercials.

Q.4. For Hollywood, does Bollywood represent a competitive threat?  What kind of opportunities does Bollywood present for American filmmakers?  How should American filmmakers respond to Bollywood’s attempts to go global?

Solution No.4

            Bollywood is a real-time music based industry and the public continuously watch movies that make them happy in the leisure time. Indian culture is one of the unique cultures in the world, where billions of people have their own beliefs and ideas. Bollywood industry may prove to a threat to Hollywood industry due to celebrity performance in the west region. Indian actors now usually perform in the Hollywood movies that may prove a threat for the local actors and the Hollywood industry. Celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwariya Rai, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri etc. are getting famous in the west. If Bollywood will concentrate more on the Western world while making the movies, this will surely prove a threat for the Hollywood in the long term. Hollywood has already responded efficiently in the industry at global level as compared to the Bollywood. Their movies are much more realistic, and fiction based, unlike the Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies usually, follow traditional Indian culture, including songs and dance. American filmmakers should continue their approach and keep making fiction based and real movies in order to respond to the Bollywood attempt to go global.

Q.5. Based on your analysis of the global movie industry, is the world flat or not?  What are the key factors you would consider in determining how global an industry is or should be?

Solution No.5

            Flat world refers that it is not necessary that everything is measured from the top down. U.S is still the world’s superpower and the rest of the world progressively competing against it. Maybe the world is going flat, but it does not mean that it is balanced. Therefore coming to terms in a flat world must encompass an understanding of what “flat” actually means, and the backgrounds in which the idea is used. It is the age of globalization and the person's preferences, and tastes are changing rapidly. In the film industry how the movies affected globalization is the concept that needs to be understood. One must consider the impact of globalization in movies to generate a profit. There are several factors that are significant to globalization in the Entertainment industry, some of them are:

  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Economic factors


            Every society has its own culture and social values; social media play a key role in determining globalization in the industry. American society usually prefers fiction based movies that are much closer to the reality, unlike the Indian movies. Culture is a major factor that needs to be considered by the filmmakers while film making. If they target a particular culture outside the country, it comes under globalization. For instance, if Indian producers or directors promote American culture in the movies that it comes under a process of globalization.


                It is also a major factor in the industry that contributes in globalization in the films. Now a day’s people are updated with the latest technological standards due to globalization and social media. With the help of globalization, people become keen to watch the movies and it shows that they are getting technology based. Technology is also changing the preferences and ideas at a rapid pace due to innovation. For instance, in the Hollywood industry, mostly movies are focused on promoting future technology awareness among the people due to the interest of the people.....................................

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