Business Plan Kugu Dairy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Plan Kugu Dairy Case Solution 


Kugu Dairy Company is a well-known product in its home country, Turkey. The company enjoys a strong name in the Turkish market and has an adequate level of customer base in the industry existing in their territory. Business activities of the company have been efficient in the market and have helped them in creating strong and enhanced level of brand awareness.

The companystarted itsoperations in the Turkish market by establishing their own dairy farm and started operating on small level of production to their nearby locals and markets that were convenient for them to reach. The operationsof the company intensified and increased with time as the company gradually started to increase the level of their production volumes and their target market. In the initial phase, the company was not able to generate enough and sufficient amount of revenues to support itsprimary activities as the company heavily invested in farming activities to eliminate the presence of any supplier who would be responsible for supplying the dairy raw materials to the company.

Investing adequately in farming activities helped the company in maintaining their quality standards by producing according to the desired quality measure, but this fact came with a price and the company had limitation over them with respect to investing in other required activities of the business. These activities of the company no doubt limited them in the short run but significantly helped them in creating a strong infra-structure for them in the long run. The topmanagement of the company efficiently tackled theproblems and issues in the initial phases of their business by forming credible strategies that helped them in maintain their customer base and market share in the Turkish dairy industry.

The performanceof the company in Turkey hasbeen a roller coaster ride and a number of challenges and competitors also existed in the market. Effective and efficient activities of the company helped them in surviving in the industry and now they enjoy a credible name in the Turkish market of dairy products. Moreover, the companyhas been able to create loyal customers through their high quality products and value added services. The marketshare of the Kugu Dairy Company in Turkey is enough to support their future business activities and they are able to invest more in other business activities.

After their success in their Turkish industry of dairy products, now the company is planning to expand their products and business activities into new dimension and international grounds. The company plans and expects to grow into international dairy markets to increase their global existence and meet its global objective of providing the masses with the best quality dairy products at competitive prices. Expanding into new and international market will help the company in increasing its level of business activities and their existence in the global dairy industry.

The company intends to expand its operations in the American market as the market has huge growth potential but only in against of efficient managerial activities. The company cannot risk to invest in activities that are not beneficial to them or wasting their efforts over secondary activities. Kugu Dairy Company plans to strategically conduct its business activities in the region and to analyze the industry and the organization itself before entering the market as wrong and inefficient decision of the company can reveal devastating results.............................

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