Bonobos, Inc. Building a Technical Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case scenario details the CEO Andy Dunn as he contends to develop a technical team that will make it possible for an ecommerce and menswear firm, Bonobos, to scale. The case also summarizes the path that leads Dunn to the CEO place.

Three vignettes forms the elementary body of the case. With all the company falling behind its technical milestones, Dunn finds that vice president of technology, along with Greene disagree on how to continue. The second vignette presents a tough circumstances where Dunn has determined to shut down Bonobos' Silicon Valley technology office as a way to concentrate on its New York-based core menswear business. Nevertheless, board members urge the Silicon Valley office to be given an extended runway by Dunn and in addition they warn that close the West Coast office could cause a dislocation on the platform that is web.

Dunn learns that lead architect Jonathan Long, who initially disagreed on Kapur's qualifications with Dunn, has declared to the other engineers of the company's that he doesn't support the hiring of Kapur.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

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Bonobos, Inc. Building a Technical Team

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