Bonnier News in 2016 and Beyond: Balancing Legacy and Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bonnier News in 2016 and Beyond: Balancing Legacy and Innovation Case Solution

Bonnier News was Sweden's top media group and an apotheosis in the country's cultural, financial, and political circles. It was among 6 departments of Bonnier AB, a business established by Gerhard Bonnier in 1804 that stayed entirely owned with Bonnier household, with 8,000 workers and operations in 15 nations. Bonnier News, which released 3 significant documents in Stockholm, Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri, and Expressen and the southern Swedish everyday Sydsvenskan, dealt with a significant shift in the spring of 2016 as CEO Gunilla Herlitz prepped to retire.

This case checks out the improvement of Bonnier News under Herlitz and thinks about the general technique of its papers and the tactical advancement of its company design moving forward.

Knowing Objective

  1. Taking a look at how an experienced and identified CEO can bring tactical discipline to a long-lived paper group dealt with by disruptive technological modification.2. Spotlight the important significance of using the "runway" developed by the freshly instilled tactical discipline to obtain "lift" prior to the moment of truth is reached followed by deadly crash.3. Taking a look at how a rejuvenated paper group can turn disruptive into preserving technological modification.4. Analyzing the best ways to stabilize competitors and partnership with cross-boundary disrupters, like Google, Facebook and Apple.

Herlitz's period had actually accompanied memorable turmoils in the paper market, the increase of the digital age, and a duration of endless modification at Bonnier AB. Undoubtedly, when Herlitz presumed her position, Bonnier was "a business in a monetary crisis" having a hard time to adjust to the continuously altering media and marketing environment. In 2009, its flagship paper Dagens Nyheter lost beyond 100 million Swedish kronor (SEK), or 10,780,985 euros (EUR). Nevertheless, by 2010, simply one year after Herlitz became its editor and CEO, the paper was currently revealing a healthy revenue of 143 million SEK (EUR15,400,217). By 2014, 5 years into Herlitz's period, DN was once again winning awards. Herlitz happened to use a number of the exact same techniques to the Bonnier News service location and its homes.

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