Bolster Electronics: Dealing with Dealer Demands Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This B2B case describes the overall situation, which occurs when partners gain success and perceived balance of power shifted from the supplier to the channel. Manager Bolster Electronics, one of the largest in Canada, the modern industrial state of video equipment for harsh environments should consider a request from the Vickers industrial supplies, regional distributors, which will be upgraded to a dealer distributor. Vickers produced a growing volume of business to support in an important segment of the market, the Canadian oil sands in northern Alberta. Approval of request Vickers "will create thin field for manufacturers, which can be made with a higher projected if the projections are reasonable. Potential reactions of national distributors of concern. Though Bolster sells regional offices in the U.S., its policy is to distribute its products to Canada through two national distributors, and he fears that a major role Vickers "will alienate these distributors. Each option has benefits and risks." Hide
by Michael Taylor, All Vandenbosch Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 5 pages. date : 02 Oct 2012. Prod. #: W12242-PDF-ENG

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Bolster Electronics: Dealing with Dealer Demands

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