Biosynthesis & Drug Metabolism Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Biosynthesis & Drug Metabolism Case Study Solution

Identify the therapeutic problem (s) where the pharmacist’s intervention may benefit the patient?

The therapeutic problems refer to the identification of the drug therapy to the patients.Since there are many complications in the human body. Therefore, the increased drugs complications have emphasized the therapeutic problem-solving practices to reduce the risk of errors during the medications being prescribed by the physicians. Indeed, the Zhang has been suffering from serious problems that need to look in-depth. However, the heart problem is an urgent problem that could cause the death suddenly.

Furthermore, it can be determined that Zhang has currently myocardial infarction that is resulting from the lack of oxygen supply to heart known as ischemia. Meanwhile, the process of the blood flow to the heart is reduced, and heart is also prevented from having enough oxygen to pump efficiently and causes abnormal heart beat that could result in death. Meanwhile, the reasons of the is chemia are due to the plaque formed in the heart arteries and block the normal flow of the blood from the body to the heart and from the heart to the cells and tissues throughout the body.

Thus, it has also been found that Zhang has Coronary artery disease (CAD) referring to the narrow or blockage of the coronary arteries caused by the sedentary lifestyle, or hypertension as well. However, the Zhang’s history suggests that he is a scientist by profession, and was attending the international scientific meeting. Furthermore, the Zhang has been taking the rosuvastatin calcium (Crestor, 20 mg daily) that reduce bad level of the cholesterol into the arteries that might have formed the plaque.

On the other hand, the Zhang is also taking the flurbi profen potassium Ansaid 50mg, but the most important part isthat he is taking Ansaid four times a day to relieve the mild-moderate arthritis pain. Indeed, on the one hand, the Crestor helps to reduce the bad level of cholesterol. On the other hand, Ansaid is being taken by the Zhang, since, it is not known how it works, it is likely that Ansaid might block certain substances in the body that are being linked with the inflammation part, so the subject gets relieved from the pain.

Meanwhile, it can be determined that Ansaid is not treatment to disease since it works differently, and the frequent uses of the Ansaid may raise other complications. Indeed, the Ansaid is anonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). However,the disposition of the Ansaid might increase the risk of severe and sometimes fatal heart and blood vessels problems that might result in the heart attack and stroke as well. Therefore, there is a  greater risk that for Zhang to dispose of the Ansaid. Here pharmacist’s intervention is necessary for beneficial of the Zhang.

Identify and prioritize the patient specific factors that must be considered to achieve the desired therapeutic outcomes.

The patient-specific factors are more important in the therapeutic problem-solving process, since, it is important for the physician and Pharmacists to understand what are the patient specific factors. Furthermore, the patient specific factors refer to the characteristics, personal, professional, and medical history of the patient. However, it is very complicated to formulate a therapy for the patients whose characteristics and history especially medical history is unknown. Similarly, referring to the Zhang then he is a 67-year-oldShanghai-born scientist.

He has been under many medical conditions before the myocardial infarction, and coronary artery disease and higher blood pressure referring to the higher level of the cholesterol in the blood that might have formed plaque. Meanwhile, he is also suffering from the oral abscess and had used the codeine sulfate to treat his significant. On the other hand, he also has suffered from the deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and had been under 12 weeks under treatment with the standard doses of the warfarin sodium that prevent the heart attack, blood clots, and strokes as well.

Biosynthesis & Drug Metabolism Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Furthermore, the Zhang is under the medical treatment to stabilize his heart rate.So. that he can meet with his personal physician, and that could only be possible when he is being prescribed and kept under the continuous observation of the physicians and the Pharmacists to look at the drug metabolism, and revise or change the drug therapy for the patient from time to time, and by considering the given patient-specific factors, and other characteristics that a practitioner should consider while formulating a therapy for the patient and intervene when it is necessary...............

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