Big Spaceship Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Big Spaceship Case Solution

Situation Synopsis

Big Spaceship was established by Michael Lebowitz and Daniel Federman, when commercial internet was in its formative years. Much of its early work was done for the movie industry with Sony pictures, Miramax films and paramount pictures, among others. It was since transitioned to working with a wide variety of consumer brands providing web and product design, app development, brand consulting, and social media services. Afterwards, the company worked with clients such as Wrigley,Star Wars,HP,GE, Google,YouTube, and Victoria’ s Secretto name a few.

Big Spaceship was launched during the dot-com bubble. During those years, interactive agenciese merged in response to demand creative and marketing solutions for digital media, which largely defied the existing marketing standards of print and broadcast media.

In 2008 BBDO New York accepted several awards for the HBO voyeur project crediting big spaceship as a production company. Despite the digital agency’s major role in evolving the creative concepts for interactive media, Big Spaceship’s CEO,Michael Lebowitz, responded by encouraging an open dialogue within the industry, advocating for appropriate or shared credit when agencies of different specialties collaborate. The company is currently operating through small organizational structure, which it thinks is the foundation of it success as it provides high level of control and authority over the employees.However,the issue is that whether this structure will be suitable for the company in the long run to deal with the growth of the market,which may give rise to domino effect and pressurize the organization to change its action plan.


The value proposition of the company was based on four principles and supported big spaceship remarkable growth.

  • Digital Space

 Lebovitz believed in serving the digital space, which meant providing a digital solution and not just building the website. The company did an in depth analysis of the need of the clients and then asked the clients as to why they need the website to ensure that they know well of their problems and the solutions to them. Big Spaceship helped the clients to reach their customers through various forms of digital media and strived to utilize full potential of web.

  • The spirit of innovation

It was the spirit of innovation that drove the firm to discover novel marketing concepts for all clients served to differentiate the company from its competitors, be it large or small. The firm’s focus on creativity led it to produce marketing service, which went beyond promoting a product.

  • Stories and experiences

The Company believed and practiced effective communication flow among the teams. The company believed that the strategic engagement with clients was necessary to explore goals and it attempted to align them with available marketing options, technological capabilities and audience.

Core Problems and central Problem

  • FORM OF STRUCTURE: The biggest issue was that the company was threatened of the changing need of the structure of company, which was once the basis of maintaining differentiations and strong communication system which guaranteed the sustainability of the company in the market.
  • PEOPLE AND SYSTEM MAMNAGMENT:The Company was planning to shift its structure to client-based structure, which called for change in management style of the firm as well as the hierarchal system. These organizations demanded more autonomy, which threatened the effective communication of the company.
  • THE THREAT OF INCOMPATIBILTY -Lebowitz was proud that the organization had retained different feeling approach to work,as compared to the traditional advertising agencies.Both Lebowitz and his colleagues enjoyed the benefits of this and wanted to maintain these intangible elements of the company however,it became a question to the management that whether the intangible assets would help in incorporating itself in the emerging new role of the company, which defines a new business strategy..................
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