Bicicleta Ferreira Limitada Redux Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1782 © 2007
Kassarjian, J.B.M.; Turpin, Dominique

Bicicleta Ferreira; a Brazilian bike making business; is a household company with a reasonably effective past and an unsure future. An offer proposed by a significant chain of outlet store brings the family-dominated executive committee to the point of a choice concerning the future of the company. The case needs an extensive analysis of the monetary ramifications of the proposed offer; which have to be then thought about in combination with the tactical positioning of the business in the context of the Brazilian market as a whole.

Knowing goal: Participants have actually finished a monetary evaluation of the proposed handle the Bicicleta Ferreira A case. In this B case; they are then challenged to put the outcomes of this analysis; together with their understanding of the business's market position; in the context of the internal status quo of the household company. Broad concerns such as succession preparation; handling the internal politics of a household company and figuring out tactical instructions will all be crucial factors to consider.

Subjects: Family business; Strategy; Succession planning; Low cost private manufacturing; Own-label manufacturing
Settings: Brazil; Bicycle manufacturing; Wholesale and retail; Turnover R$27.6 million; Assets of R$20.6 million; Early 2007

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