Bibd Statistics Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

1. Literature review:
BIBD stands for balanced incomplete block design which shows that there is replication of each of t treatments r times and each one of them should occur in b block containing plot k and it should be arranged in a way that there should be occurrence of each treatment’s pair together in a block with same number of times (λ) (Box & Hunter, 1978).
BIBD’s design was tested for allocating the appropriatedesign for calculating the desired residual effect’s balance. It was tested by finding the correlation and reliability within the data sets and residual effects’ availability in the given data. It was also considered to test the differences of forwarding and backward among initial blocks’ succeeding varieties(Lawless, 1971).
The impact and intersection of blocks through graphs are closed via n-existence or not has been tested via BIBD testing which helps in determining the triple systems of two-fold via the graphical representation of block. Two folds blocks for triple systems mention thatλ = 2 and k = 3(McKay & Pike, 2007).
BIBD is a design of blocks which shows that the size of the block k is less than g number of treatments. BIBD has the property of being balanced as each block is administered by k number of treatments, each treatment contains the similar block number with respect to the other treatments, and each pair of treatment contains the similar block number with respect to the other pair of treatments(P. & S, 2014).
BIBD with g number of treatments and block size k can provide results after taking into consideration the combinations of k-tuples 1, 2, ---------g (P. & S, 2014).

Bibd Statistics Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

They were of the opinion that for getting the similar and perfect results it is necessary to use similar number of treatments with a similar number of blocks so that the comparative analysis can be run easily and statistical tools show significant results which do not containany variation due to change in size rather it shows the variation due to change in values. They also tried to find it through areverse score of the variables for testing BIBD.
They also used the similar methodologies for calculating BIBD as we are going to do in conducting our research such as, performing descriptive statistics analysis using SPSS which will contain the values like Mean, Standard deviation, skewness, leptokurtosis. Moreover, they also checked the reliability by performing the Cronbach alpha test by using Pilot testing. They analyzed the correlation as well a missing data patterns through factor analysis and clustering of data as well.
2. Data Screening:
Under this technique, it was necessary to arrange the data into the similar number of treatments with the similar number of blocks for comparative analysis. For using this tool we need to include the provided data into the excel data thereafter we export it to SPSS software for running our analysis smoothly as this is the best tool for statistical analysis.
The following table shows that the out of three hundred responses........

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Bibd Statistics Assignment

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