Auditing Pinnacle Case Solution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Auditing Pinnacle Case Solution

  1. Pinnacle Assembly Company is independently owned however the quantity of financial obligation makes the monetary declarations extremely helpful. They likewise intend on offering their Machine-tech department, the monetary declarations will be essential to purchasers.
  2. Product 4-- the monetary declarations will be necessary to financiers when they choose to raise capital for the building and construction of the brand-new factory for the Solar-Electro department.

- Likelihood of monetary troubles

  1. The Renewable energy engine company utilizes innovation that is continuously altering, will make it more dangerous than other organisations. Product 1-- raises an issue about the practicality of the Solar-Electro department however not always the whole business.

2. Product 7 suggests there is a financial obligation covenant needing a present ratio above 2.0 and a financial obligation to equity ratio listed below 1.0. the present ratio is 1.72. this might lead to the loan being really called unless a waiver of the loan covenant is given.

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Auditing Pinnacle Case Solution

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