North BancTec Incorporation 

Background:             North BancTec Incorporation is under consideration to go for research and development for its current year projects. The projects are for some product development and modification in their current project. Problem identification:             The company is of very small size, therefore it cannot go through all the project research and development. The choosing […]

Giberson’s glass studio 

Problem Statement Mr. Edward Engelhard Gibersonis worried due to the deteriorating financial performance of his business. The accounts of his shop were maintained by his wife, but they were neglected due to their divorce in previous year. Most of the records were missing like there was no information or records of productions, data of product […]

Going Concern 

Introduction  The concept of going concern has been researched for many years at both academic and professional levels.  The International Standards on Auditing (ISA 570) states that the auditor’s responsibility is to obtain sufficient, appropriate audit evidence about the appropriateness of the management’s use of the going concern assumption in the preparation of the financial […]

Flinders Valves and Controls Inc 

Analysis RSE Opening Price It is analyzed that the average “Premium prior to the announcement date of merger” is 30.85%. The fair value of consideration that should be offered by the RSE International Corporation to Flinders Valves and Control Inc. in the negotiation is: $126.92 million (97*1.03085). The maximum consideration price that should be offered […]

A New Financial Policy at Swedish Match 

Introduction Swedish Match has a long historywith number of failures and success. By 2005, Swedish Match became theworldwide leader in the smokeless tobacco products. Swedish Match gained this position by becoming the monopoly in the business. The statusof monopoly is acquired by merger and acquisition of the local companies. Swedish Match was able to capture […]