Are social networking sites good recruitment sources Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The article is addressing that whether social networking sites are good recruitment sources or not and for better understanding the article is divided in two parts: one in the favor of Social Networking sites while the second part is against to the idea. Today social networking sites are widely used by people from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, culture, religion and geographic differences. On one hand social networking sites have linked people from all parts of the world with their friends and families while on the other hand, these sites are working as a tool for screening job applicants. In 2010, a survey was conducted by which showed that in 2009 45% of companies used social networking sites as screening tools which was twice a high percentage from the previous year. Employers have ability to access accounts of those users who have set a control over their privacy.In this article a research was conducted on the basis of a study conducted by Janelle Harrison. According to the results of this study majority of the people/students praised this initiative through social media sites, employers could access the social life of candidates to check their thoughts, activities, words about previous employer, etc. On the other hand, many others opposed this approach because in this way people can not only view the personal information of others but in some cases many have leaked that information just for making fun. The privacy settings on social networking sites such as Facebook have been changed over time, which also made it hard for account holders to control their privacy. The access of employers to the private contents of candidates made it hard for them to maintain their private lives on the internet. For this reason many scholars and technologists said a “No” to the goodness of social networking sites for recruitment.


“The use of social networking sites provides socializing outlets and allows users to use their “profile” as a means of self expression and creates a person’s social sphere”. This quote really fascinated me because the majority of the users using social media networking sites are using it just to pass their spare time. Specially, in developing countries, people are even unaware about the fact that employers could access their accounts, even if they have privacy settings. The quote is pretty much supporting the goodness of social networking sites for recruitment because people who are aware about the fact that employers could access their accounts would avoid expressing themselves in a negative manner. The more the people would get aware about this fact the more they use social networking sites decently and positively. Moreover, people would avoid uploading or spreading improper content on social networks, which would automatically increase the chances of getting jobs from good employers.

“I call the people growing up toady “Generation Google”. This is an absolutely right phrase for today’s technologically advanced people who are using the internet to sort out their everyday problems from making notes to applying for jobs and from interviewing candidates to dealing with friends, colleagues, enemies, family members, bosses, clients and strangers. The phrase is showing the impact of the internet technology on the lives of today’s people who have limited themselves to internet technology and totally neglected the importance of conventional ways of doing certain chores. On the positive side, “Generation Google” has more exposure to innovations, general knowledge, current affairs without reliance on TV channels...................

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