Advent of Venture Capital in Latin America Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Advent of Venture Capital in Latin America Case Solution

Commonly, new private equity markets were entered by Advent through the development of state regional funds, a strategy that had enabled the firm to gain worldwide access without presuming too many state-specific risks. To date, the strategy had paid off handsomely.
Nevertheless, they begin to wonder whether the state approach is always the best means for bringing investment capital to Latin America as Advent's supervisors consider the four most likely targets of a Latin American fund. Given the nations' varied records of political and economic uncertainty, might a state-specific fund or a series of country-specific funds be a first-class strategy? In addition they need to consider how to structure recently gathered funds as well as whether to render an exit for them from the office in Boston or through a chain of local joint ventures.

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PUBLICATION DATE: February 14, 1997

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Advent of Venture Capital in Latin America

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