Adam Root MD (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Adam Root, as long as he could remember, wanted to become a doctor like his father. As a single parent, the father raised four Childen. Root idolized his father. Root was an outstanding student in high school and medical school. After completion of the residence, he joined a small private primary care in the Boston area. The practice has grown due to the significant contribution of Ruth. After a 10-year period, the practice has grown by more than 40 practitioners. But the root spent almost every waking hour devoted to the practice. He finally reached the point of "burnout." He spent little if any time with his family and was exhausted. He realized that something must be done, and yet he was not sure what to do. This is the case of a series of three cases (B case: UV3948 and C case: UV3949). "Hide
by Alexander Horniman, Scott T. Josephs Source: Darden School of Business 1 pages. Publication Date: November 27, 2009. Prod. #: UV3948-PDF-ENG

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Adam Root MD (B)

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