Accountability Lens: New Way to View Management Issues Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Argues that viewing organizations through the lens of accountability (in terms of power, attention, urgency and intensity) helps to illuminate the issues of governance and ethical dilemmas that are common for most people to work. Offers off between those aspects of responsibility can make to behave unethically, and tend to rationalize their behavior, and suggests that the reporting is not only the organizational requirements, but also the perception of the object, which can be used to observe and understand the behavior and organization. Demonstrates how to make a better understanding of the functional and dysfunctional behavior in the organization by the application of liability lens. A key component of the concept of accountability reporting lens environment: those aspects of the immediate environment of the work of man, which directly affects the subjective interpretation and experience felt responsible. The fact that people perceive and interpret their subjective responsibility is crucial to understanding why some employees may behave differently (and sometimes unethical) under the same conditions of accountability. "Hide
by Angela T. Hall, Michael J. Bowen, Gerald R. Ferris, M. Todd Royle, Dale E. Fitzgibbons Source: Business Horizons 9 pages. Publication Date: September 15, 2007. Prod. #: BH248-PDF-ENG

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Accountability Lens: New Way to View Management Issues

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