Abiomed and the AbioCor Clinical Trials (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

To safeguard client privacy, Abiomed, makers of the AbioCor synthetic heart, embrace a 30-day "peaceful duration" surrounding implantations, which is interpreted by mainstream media as a "news blackout." In late 2002, James Quinn, the 5th transplant recipient, passes away after 289 days. A month later on, in a New York Times short article explaining Quinn's discomfort and suffering, Quinn's widow asserts that her other half had actually not been sufficiently notified of the most likely experience.

This case raises problems about openness and interaction with stakeholders. The A-case might lead some students to concentrate on the general public sensationalism enveloping the Quinn story, however a better assessment of the case exposes that the more immediate concern for AbioMed is getting the delayed clinical trial back on track and bouying a slumping stock cost. The B-case supplies an in-depth epilogue, consisting of responses to the Quinns' educated authorization claim and AbioMed's handling of the on-going clinical trial and financier relations.


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Abiomed and the AbioCor Clinical Trials (A)

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