A Tattle Tale? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In particular, T.J. was offended by the shoddy corrections provided by K.C. when his error was emphasized. T.J. was also horrified at K.C.'s casual attitude towards illegal use and the group jobs, particularly after finding that K.C. had done the same on their first group job. T.J. believed strongly that the matter should be brought up to the class professor but two of his group mates differed, worrying that the group harmony would be adversely affected, thus endangering their last group project, which carried considerably higher burden at 20 per cent.

The left behind two group mates did not seem to regard the issue as a serious one. This case was written to a business ethics course to be used in the introductory class. Nonetheless, it has potential for use in lessons on team dynamics and negotiation, conflict resolution. Names are changed to provide anonymity although the case relies on a real incident. A poorly benevolent group member to group homework and the issue of plagiarism is one that resonates profoundly with students pursuing any class that emphasizes group work as a necessary element of the course evaluation. The case has sensible relevance to the operational world as the event can occur in that circumstance. The case also functions as a good reminder to students about plagiarism aside from being a useful opener to any course on ethics. It provides opportunities for discussion and clarification on what exactly constitutes plagiarism and the professors'/universities' stand on the issue.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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