961 Beer: Launching a Lebanese Brewing Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

961 Beer was established in 2006 in Lebanon under economic and political adverse conditions. One of the premier craft beer businesses in the Middle East, it has developed from a home brewer right into a hip Lebanese brand. Toallure its target set of customers - highly educated, middle class city-dwellers - the company has commenced a pub in a popular entertainment region of Beirut where it offers free samples of its beers and motivates customers to taste and get questions concerning the brewery procedure.

In addition, it addresses the requirements consumers with a solid interest in goods that are locally produced and caters to the neighborhood palate. But the company faces competition from a long-entrenched brewery that's been purchased by a major international beer conglomerate. Now, beyond Beer's capacity limits, it is selling in February 2009. The creator is assured in regards to the business but has to choose a strategy for the long run.

Will he consolidate or should he surge in growth? What kind of technique will access the company to increase its operations and to surge its customer base without ignoring the quality and the values that make 961 Beer what it is?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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961 Beer: Launching a Lebanese Brewing Company

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