Whittaker Chocolate Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Whittaker Chocolate Case Study Solution


On the basis of STP and competitive analysis, it is concluded that the company is performing efficiently, and is achieving milestones with each passing year. The company wants to be the best manufacturer without affecting its products’ quality. Based on the analysis, the company is suggested to bring some variations in the price and expand in other internal markets in order to capture a larger customer base.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is all about how a consumer makes the decision to buy any product, what are their needs and preferences. On the other side marketing communication strategies is all about how companies promote or advertise their products. Whittaker Chocolate targets two social classes, including the upper and upper-middle class therefore their buying pattern also vary. The company provides its products in different region and uses different communication strategies to market their products, such as in New Zealand the company approaches its target market through TVCs and connects it self with their customers. The company uses an emotional advertisement to attract its customers mostly with its high-quality manufacturing process. In order to make a strong position in the consumer’s mind, the company uses its beans to bar tactic. People of New Zealand are becoming health conscious and avoiding unhealthy products, therefore, the company is manufacturing healthy innovative products to maintain or increase the consumer base. Moreover, the company differentiates it self from its competitors through persuasive advertisement and uses informative advertisements to connect itself with its customers and tell them that it cares about their preferences.The people of New Zealand prefer their local brands rather than international brands, therefore, the company gets the benefits. (Insight, 2016). Furthermore, consumer preferences are changing, such as; sugar and total fat were found to be the most important nutritional factors that consumers consider when making a purchase decision, but it was also found that only around one-half of all consumers actually read the products’ labels when purchasing chocolates. Therefore, informative advertisement plays a vital role incapturing health-conscious consumers.

Communication Strategies

Whittaker Chocolate Limited Company uses different communication tools to connect with its customers. Currently, the most important and effective communication platform is digital and social media marketing. Digital and social media marketing allow the company to engage with its customers directly. Through direct engagement, the company gets to know the consumer’s preferences and their feedback as well. The company could target billions of people in seconds. The company spends a higher amount for its advertisement and promotion strategies.In addition to this, the company also uses traditional marketing communication tools, including TVCs, billboards, and point of sale(word Press, 2018). The company is globally recognized for its Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snap chat following. As the crampon is New Zealand based, therefore its distribution in New Zealand is almost 100%.However, the company is expanding its distribution in Australia and other regions as well in order to provide its products everywhere. The company uses almost similar communication tools or strategies to attract its customers in all the regions. Moreover, through social media, the company achieves maximum reach. Furthermore, Whittaker Chocolate has used a long term approach to make a brand image of the company through innovation and marketing, instead of having sales promotions(McDonnell, 2018).

Marketing Communication Tactics

Whittaker Chocolate Company uses almost limited marketing communication tactics to promote and advertise its products. Critique of these three marketing communication tactics are discussed below:

Social Media Marketing:They company uses social media marketing to get the maximum reach and consider this marketing communication tactic the most effective in comparison with other tactics. Social media marketing could be considered as the best marketing communication tool in this era, because billions of people are on social media and the companies get maximum reach in seconds. Moreover, the companies can get feedback from the customers because it allows direct communication with their customers(Khang, 2012). However, social media marketing could create trouble for the company as all other competitors are also available on these platforms. The competitors could use this platform as a social media war. In addition to this, any weakness of the company cloud gets trending in seconds.

Bill Boards: Although this era is considered as a digital era, people spend almost 6 to 7 hours in traffic. Therefore, billboards are still considered as effective marketing communication tool. The companies place their billboards according to their target mart on the busy roads. It builds brand awareness and the consumers can easily recall the brand whenever they see a particular product. The drawback of the billboard is that it provides limited information to the target market and along with that, the companies have to spend a very high budget on these billboards.

TVCs: Whittaker Chocolatey believes in traditional marketing through TVCs and captures a large target market attention in prime time TVCs. It is also considered as an effective marketing tool as the company reaches is maximum as compared to billboards.However, it is more expensive than billboards. The company captures the attention of its selected target market through emotional advertisement.


On the basis of critique analysis, it could be said that the company’s marketing communication tactics are appropriate according to the business, as the company is capturing maximum reach through social media. However, the company is suggested to invest more in a digital advertisement that is on Google and YouTube in order to increase its customer base, which will ultimately strengthens the position of the company, and the company would be able to earn more profit…………….


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