Vanguard Group Inc.–1998 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Since early 1997, the assets managed by Vanguard has increased by more than 60% from $ 240 billion to nearly $ 400 billion, making it the second largest market share of only Fidelity. Vanguard sees this as another excuse to hit its low cost strategy idle funds, a small proportion of costs, candid communication client, high quality, and predictable performance. But the organization also takes into account the unprecedented changes in the financial services industry. Financial institutions were rapidly consolidating, with companies such as Citigroup, UBS and Merrill Lynch now holds every client and other assets in excess of a trillion dollars. And technology, especially the Internet dramatically changed the creation, pricing and financial services. Vanguard should carefully consider their own future, and faces key decisions, such as expanding the product range and offers asset management services in other countries. "Hide
by Andre F. Perold Source: Harvard Business School 24 pages. Publication Date: September 10, 1998. Prod. #: 299002-PDF-ENG

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Vanguard Group Inc.–1998

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