Tetra Pak: Creating A Recycling Chain In China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tetra Pak: Creating A Recycling Chain In China Case Study Help


  • An increase in the market share is considered to provide the organization with the monopoly power and the higher prices of the services.
  • A leading organization tends to experience diseconomies of scale i.e. making communication and coordination harder. (Goddard, 2018)

Alternative 2: Create Awareness through Social Media


  • The creation of awareness regarding the participation of consumers in sustainable practices through social media platforms using relevant content tends to grab the attention of consumers at large scale.
  • It significantly provides the organization with increased consumer interaction resulting in the generation of positive feedbacks.
  • It is one of the cheapest methods to retain the interest of customers and spread awareness to a wide-ranging organization to promote and share the importance of sustainable development.


  • This strategic approach requires the hiring of staff in order to manage the social media content to keep the interest of customers and organizations engaged.
  • Failure to receive a positive response from the consumers might damage the organizational reputation at the international level. (Georgios Tsimonis, 2014)

Decision Criteria:

 Increased SalesMotivationImproved Recycling RateMarket ExpansionTotal Score
Alternative 1889732
Alternative 2765726


Considering the analysis of both the alternative options based on the pros and cons, the best solution i.e. recommended to the organization to motivate the employees and bring improvement in the recycling rate can be done through the merger with the leading organization of a developed country using the advanced technological approaches. It will provide the organization with the use of the additional opportunity to increase sales and earn more money. The profit generated through the increased sales would be used to allow small and medium-sized organizations to invest in research and development. This is based on the notion to develop the capability in these organizations to operate independentlywith the services to increase the recycling rate.


Tetra Pak China has successfully created the recycling chain system to improve the recycling rates i.e. from zero to 28 percent from 2004 to 2015 respectively. Thus, in order to bring further improvement, the organization is suggested to merge with the leading organization of a developed country using advanced technological approaches. This is due to the reason that it will not only assist the organization in reaching the non-target market and increase its sales but also making the organizational operations more efficient resulting in the increased recycling rate...............................


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