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Where there is a perception of injury to human health or the surroundings businesses in most industry are attempting to diminish their use of substances, especially synthetic organic compounds. The commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment industry is no different, with many equipment makers seeking to cut back their use of harsh cleaning compounds for example oil solvents. But with every adversary pursuing similar greening efforts in a mature market, firms find it difficult to differentiate their offers to customers.

Tennant company decided to identify itself through a technology-driven company strategy based on chemical-free cleaning. Instead of reducing the harshness of these substances, or of reducing the use of harsh cleaning compounds, tennant presented its customers a cleaning solution that used ionized tap water to wash and disinfect surfaces, thus eliminating harsh substances completely. The remuneration to customers were plentiful, counting lower total expense of ownership and improved health and safety, while maintaining cleaning operation relative to conventional chemical-based products. Author chris laszlo is affiliated with case western reserve university.

Tennant Company Can case study solution


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Tennant Company: Can

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