SUSTAINABILTY OF ODD EVEN POLICY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The rate of individual second from rural areas to towns is increasing today. India is not any different to it and progressively see this non-urban change to cities and townships. In India, the national capital, Delhi, is called heart for commercialisation, as well as the minutes there have attained to unmanageable amounts and really are a significant menace to its termination. The Delhi and Center Govt’s as well as the bodies that were concerned on endangering pollution levels, with constant deliberations had neglected to attain to any period before the Kejriwal directed Aam Aadmi Celebration Government offered uneven even coverage for the automobiles, requiring remedies. The strange even guideline for automobiles was executed Jan 01, on a test period beginning , 20-16 for 15 days only. From April 1-5, 20-16, Government suggested execution of another period following the achievement of first period to April 30, 2016. There is also an additional area who are contemplating while there is a a segment of Indian culture which has valued the thought, calling it an essential advance to command the worrying increase in pollution in town. This case provides a world to talk about and review the plan by using inventory of the problem of the threat in order to find out alternatives that are lasting.

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