Strike At British Airways: Unavoidable Or Set-Up-To-Fail? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Manzoni, Jean-François: Barsoux, Jean-Louis

Having actually protected comparable cost savings in other places in the airline company, British Airways management came across troubles getting its cabin team to cut its expenses by ₤ 42 million per year. The airline company eventually got its method, however at the expenditure of a three-day strike approximated to have expense ₤ 125 million. Ayling's extreme cost-cutting method was in lots of methods farsighted, it was carried out in a method that pushed away personnel and outraged the unions - moves that eventually sent out the business crashing out of the FTSE100.

Knowing goals: We have actually composed this case in reaction to require from trainers to supply product for teaching the set-up-to-fail syndrome in various courses and in various contexts than the normal dyadic boss-subordinate relationship. It is a case about specific "challengers" who demonize each other - hence setting off an enormous self-fulfilling and self-reinforcing procedure.

Strike At British Airways Unavoidable Or Set-Up-To-Fail case study solution

Subjects: Management; Unions; Strike; Industrial relations; Negotiations; Cost cutting; Conflict; Resistance to change; Labeling; Framing; Self-fulfilling processes; Confirmatory biases; Attributions; Justice; Reactance; Self-management; Set-up-to-fail syndrome

Settings: United Kingdom: Airlines; 60,000 employees; 1997

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Strike At British Airways: Unavoidable Or Set-Up-To-Fail?

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