Space Data Corp. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Space Data Corporation is planning to work with the U.S. National Weather Service to place transceivers on weather balloons, and thus create a national mobile network. The company is in late stage development and is scheduled to launch a regional test to demonstrate its ability to provide paging and messaging. He intends to sell its services to existing mobile operators, such as Skytel, and Verizon, and not directly to end users. This case illustrates how the spatial data used flexible business processes throughout its initial market research and development of technologies to create a system that can make the best use of limited resources and respond quickly to changing conditions. If it is concluded, the executive team of space data faces three options, all of which are very different costs and benefits to the company. It can proceed with the regional trial paging and messaging, as planned, to jump ahead to develop a more complex, but potentially more profitable voice services (denial of regional test), or make the switch to a small, but stable financial telemetry market. Includes color exhibits.
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by Alan MacCormack Source: Harvard Business School 29 pages. Publication Date: January 18, 2002. Prod. #: 602121-PDF-ENG

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