Sample Business Plan Template Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Profile of Competitors

These are the following service a 5 star resort provides in Sabah,

  • Bar & Cocktail lounge
  • Business Centre
  • Restaurants / cafe shop
  • Facilities for disabled
  • Gym / fitness club
  • In house video / cable TV
  • Voice mail / voice conferencing
  • International direct calling
  • Internet facility
  • Night club
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool.

Each 5 star resort holds its own unique service but these are the most common ones. If Sabah Beach resort has to thrive then it has to do better than all the other 5 star resort providing such services

  • An advantage for the 5 star resorts is that they have an established brand image and a disadvantage is that anyone can enter in the market with an innovative service, which can overturn their strong established market position.

Competitive Advantage

The reasons why potential customers will choose to visit Sabah Beach Resort are as follows:

  • Unique features and American style service criteria by training all the local employees accordingly.
  • Price, unique products and service certainly have a high price as Sabah Beach Resort is to be established as a brand, but the price will be put within the reach of the visitors.
  • New technologies or systems, ERP system implementation for update and fast service along with a tablet every room, which will state and control all the items in the room including: TV, A/c, room service, lights, door lock and can be used from anywhere in the resort.

4.      Marketing/Sales Strategy

The strategy used to gain completive advantage is as follows,

Marketing Strategy

  • The International segment of the market will be first target as the entire business model is build according to them; once international market is attracted the then local market will  also come along.
  • Marketing is a very tricky element when it comes to establishing a new business model; any lacking may lead to customer dissatisfaction when they visit the resort complaining the ads showed something else. Hence, the campaign should not be misleading just to attract customer and should not be negligent so that it attract customers.
  • The marketing will be taken step to step from international brand recognition by commercials, website and facebook adverts, to the local market bill boards, adverts in high end magazines to commercials.
  • The product and service will speak for itself by showing the differentiation, while an innovative marketing campaign showing the training and development of our employees and the use of tablet will lead to utmost comfort.
  • International misuse for the spa, Masterchef US 2013 winner Luca to be the head chef of the resorts’ restaurant and use of the tablet to control everything in rooms.
  • Since all the 4 executive are US based, hence, the US market has already been tapped by using their own influence in the market that they hold.
  • A survey conducted in US has showed positive results regarding the services been offered at the competitive prices.
  • The resort will develop its own marketing division but the initial marketing will be conducted by international agencies.


Pricing will be a difficult element for Sabah Beach Resort as the resort is providing unique services and there is no standard that the resort can follow, hence, the price set will be on a high level since Sabah has to be established as a brand with world class services. (Refer to excel for the pricing for each service)

Marketing and Communications Strategy

The modes of marketing that are going to be used are as follows,

  • Advertising – It will be conducted during the rich hours of the TV, UEFA champion’s league, high end tennis tournaments, super cup and super bowl. Further, in order to create the brand image of the resort, advertisements will show on air during important events.
  • Public relations – The top executives are well known personalities in US, the news of them regarding the opening of a resort in Sabah will be enough to generate hype about it.

Website and internet marketing – All the facilities from online booking, room selection, service rendered to payments will be done through online portal on the resorts website where each customer will have their own access portal. In addition, marketing will be done on all leading website, Facebook, Twitter etc.........................

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