Philanthropy Industry Note Part (C): Philanthropy by Foundations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This series of contextual essays and reviews the history of the status of charitable donations in the U.S.. Relying on a federal tax on the basis of data, reports of the National Commission on updating charity and Civic, the American Association of Fundraising Counsel and a variety of scientific sources, notes, to look broadly at the overall trends charity (the share of national income devoted to charity, the main recipients of charitable donations, sources donations), and to provide models of different sectors of the economy: individuals, corporations and foundations. Each note begins with a certain conclusion (for example, nearly half of all charity is a religious institution, giving it a strong predictor of the level of wealth, giving the base is highly correlated with the performance of the stock market, corporate philanthropy is becoming components by "competitive strategy) to develop the findings and provide an extensive bibliography. Although the survey does not provide explicit independent (non-government) sector in general, the commentary on the industry and its changing reliance on private and public support. HKS Case Number 1445.0 "Hide
by Michael Collins, Christina B. Letts, Ann Standley 20 pages. Publication Date: July 1, 1998. Prod. #: HKS291-PDF-ENG

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Philanthropy Industry Note Part (C): Philanthropy by Foundations

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