Perelson Weiner LLP Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Strategy Map

Perelson Weiner LLP’s (PW) was a firm based on providing the highest level of client services through normal tasks and then developing long-term relationship with the clients. It was currently working in a way that it was providing services to the customers. Its personals were involved in the practices of providing assistance to the clients, giving them value and providing the accounting services to the clients.

Weiner thought that the simpler was better, he thought that by giving the value, services and initiating good relationships with the clients could help the firm to achieve its revenue and growth. PW was based on the grounds of developingrelationships with clients therefore advertisements were not made to increase the business of the firm. Giving the valueof the services was the formula for differentiating PW from other firms.There wasn’t any  perfect approach for allocating the cost of the product lines because it was being ignored by the firm.Weiner was planning to grow PW and increase the revenue base of the firm withthe strategic acquisition of the other firms.

The following are the metrics which are necessary for the success of the PW:


            The financial strategy is very important for the growth, profit margin and increasing the productivity of the firm. The growth and revenue can be increased by increasing the promotion of the services by not only depending on relationships with the customers, but also increasing the access of the services in large populations. Similarly, the cost should be controlled more effectively and thus, the cost should be reduced so that the profit can increase. The firm should also promote its business via advertising in order to increase the promotion of business services.

Customer Perspective

            The customers are assets, especially for the firms which are service based. Giving value to the clients is also very important and thus, making strong relationships with the clients.PW had already focused on giving value to the client and developing long-term relationships with the clients through its personnel.The relationship with the clients could increase in a way that the clients should be given the best quality services, there projects should be completed on time and increasing the relationship with the clients and giving them value.Weiner was already working on the client strategy that the relationship should be developed for around 40 years rather than just for the one-time opportunity, but they need to utilize the relationship in a better way.

Internal Process

            After understanding and having an idea about the financial and customer perspectives, then comes to the internal business process. PW needs a commandof its business process and should increase its productivity. PW needs to improve its services and performance for gaining good market value. It should take initiatives for increasing the quality of the services by increasing the relationships with the customers in many ways, such as coordinating with them via internet and social media channels, it should bring innovation in its promotion such as the business should advertise itself.Moreover, the firm should hire experienced employees so that they could increase the relationships with clients and more tactfully dealing them as well.

Learning and Growth Perspective

            This metric is essential in building the strategy map as it provides the skills, knowledge and values through which the different goals of the organization can be met. The organizational culture of PW was based on the value of the customers and the services were differentiated according to the values and what were the needs of the clients. For increasing the growth of the firm the employees needed to target the broad market and it should use the technology with its strategy.

            Hence, with these metrics helps in building effective strategy map and are effective for the strategy to be implemented in the firm like PW...................................

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