Organizational Behavior Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Organizational Behavior Case Study Solution

Case 2

Key OB issues

The case is related to the decision making and work place conflict. The CEO of the peak electronic was not sure whether he should introduce the digital technology in the market or  continue with the same product. She is having a bad intuition about introducing digital technology in the market, but employees in the marketing division think that digital technology would work and would be helpful to expand the business. Moreover, CEO is not sure that if the committee of representatives would work or not on these issues, so the two major issues are workplace conflict and trust on the employee’s abilities.

Situational analysis

The CEO is facing an issue in taking the final decision and is scrimmaged about which decision she should make for the betterment of the company. The peak electronic company is leading in manufacturing various parts for the standard cassette and reel-to-reel tape recorders, but due to the introduction of digital technology, the market is going down and the CEO has to decide whether the company should go for digital technology or continue with the existing technology. In the meeting with the marketing division, they decided that the company should perform a market research and after market research, they would be able to identify that whether or not the company should introduce new technology. It would create time limitation and the company will have to supply the product in time, otherwise it will not work. The CEO has the option to make the committee of representatives, but she is not sure about the decision, which shows that she lacks trust in her employees, or she doesn’t  have faith in the abilities of the employees. Hence, she doesn’t want to involve the employees in resolving this issue.


I would recommend that Murray should give employees a chance, and should make the committee of all the representative of the departments for discussing the issue. This will bring many ideas and help in putting forward the suggestions from each member.When the organization involves all the subordinate and works as a team,it would bring many ideas to solve the issues. Moreover, if there are differences in the thoughts of the members, then the executive manager should make the plan of working on each idea and bring the pros and cons of all the suggestions given by the employees, then bring up the best plans which would be viable for the business. In this way, they can resolve the conflict, and get the best plan to expand their business.(Association for talent development, 2019)

As an executive manager, it is her responsibility to involve all the managers in taking any decision. The executive manager should take ideas and negotiate to all the managers of the department. In this way they can examine the impact of introducing any product in each department, and can make the proper business model for the company. (forbes, 2012).............


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