Mobileye: The Future of Driverless Cars Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mobileye emerged as one of the most exciting companies in the race for the driverless cars in 2014. It was an Israeli company, headquartered in The Netherlands. The company is also a worldwide Tier 2 supplier in automobile industry. Company’s 15 years of efforts led the company towards growth in autonomous driving systems technology.

AmnonShashua and ZivAviram, the founder of Mobileye, made the company public in August 2014. The company’s position was stable to become the de facto standard for vision-based autonomous and ultimately self-driving cars.
The case demonstrates the company’s position in a strong competition, the challenges that the company encounters to sustain its competitive advantage, and what would be an effective approach to work with Google, who is a well-known leader in the self-driving technology.


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Mobileye: The Future of Driverless Cars

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