Managing Strategic Initiatives At Tetra Pak Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Buechel, Bettina; Coughlan, Sophie

There were another 17 strategic initiatives and numerous smaller sized jobs likewise scrambling for interest. He took a summary of all the initiatives and discovered that for approximately 10 % of them, there was restricted information readily available. The overall approximated effort expenses amounted to around EUR100 million, with procedure and IT execution consisting of up to 60 % of this expense.

A lot of initiatives had an owner, a leader and turning points with end dates in location, yet about 30 % had no steering group designated and 25 % did not utilize any development tracking. In reaction to this scenario, in 2008 Tetra Pak initiated a portfolio management technique to strategic initiatives that would enable the progress, launch and management of strategic initiatives to be kept different from the management of the item portfolio. Knowing goals: Strategic initiatives typically contend for resources and interest with market-led initiatives and other business initiatives.

Subjects: Strategic initiatives; Portfolio management approach; Project governance; Program management; Benefit realization; Prioritization; Dashboards
Settings: Global ; Processing and packaging solutions for food and beverages ; 2010 revenues €9,980 million; 21,812 employees ; 2007-2008

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Managing Strategic Initiatives At Tetra Pak

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