Making Room for the Baby Boom: Senior Living Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Tom Alperin’s National Department is in the midst to pursue one the most appropriate approach in utilizing his building that she recently purchased in affluent Wellesley, MA. The two alternatives for the department includes whether they build apartments, which might be a combination of independent living and assisted living units for seniors, or maybe higher acuity facilities. The case traces the problems in senior care alternatives for developers and residents. Why the seniors prefer to live in much smaller spaces rather than in their homesteads? How would they be able to bear to do as such? While serving the various stages of acuity, what could be the operational and physical barriers for operators? The case determines the problems that exist for developers to build in neighborhoods that may be attractive but challenging as well. Along with this, what are the effective ways that a successful operator follows to diversify his business? What would be the right time for the operator to incorporate a joint venture to accomplish their strategic objectives? The case also includes several analytical tools, including the effects of investment on projects, analytical techniques to project market demand, and development metrics.

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Making Room for the Baby Boom: Senior Living

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