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            The main focus of this report is to assess the leadership styles of Deborah Linton and Ron Scoville, the product manager at House world company and also Lisa Benton, A recent Harvard graduate that had joined House world six months ago. Six months have passed since Lisa had joined the company and since her first joining day she had been facing issues at the company. This paper attempts to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the direct head of Lisa and analyze her management style and the way she greeted Lisa on her first joining day. Along with that, the behavior and the assertive personality of Lisa has also been evaluated in this paper and all the incidents that she could have managed in a more efficient manager to keep her position and take a positive stance within the organization. Finally, an action plan has been devised for Lisa for her future which would tell her that her right position is at House world or should she approach Right Away and avail the job offer to bring her career at the right track once again. 


            This case focuses on Lisa Benton, a Harvard graduate. She had recently completed an internship program at one of the most famous convenience store in Chicago known as the Right Away stores. She had accepted an offer by the House world management for the position of the assistant product manager and she had accepted the job although the job was a lower paying job. She was also offered a position at the Right Away but in fact she had accepted the offer of House World because of the reputation of the company and its huge prestige. Further, she expected that she would work in a more structured environment and get the opportunity to learn a great deal of work and training in the field of classical marketing.

            On the first day at her job she greeted with all the main people at House world and she got a very friendly response and she was also impressed with the level of the knowledge of all the people at the company. However, when she started to work in the home care division as the assistant product division manager, it did not match her expectations. Deborah Linton was the new boss of Lisa Benton, however, on her first day she had made it clear to Lisa that she did not have the time to train the new employees and she did not liked the Harvard MBAs.

             After working for some time at the House world, Lisa was frustrated by her team and she thought that she was not given complete opportunity and the lack of interest of her boss de-motivated her. She had also received negative feedback regarding her performance from her head and Scoville always considered her as a learner and as a result Lisa started to question herself that whether she should request to move to another department or look out for a position at Right Way.

Linton’s Leadership Approach 

Linton’s Strengths

            The leadership style of Linton was of a confident leader and she was sophisticated which could be seen from the way she used to make all the necessary decisions. Although she did not liked the Harvard MBAs, but she had told Lisa that after a few weeks she could come to her for any questions to answer that Lisa may have.

            Her leadership style was straightforward in nature and she had made each and everything clear to Lisa regarding her reporting line and the first thing that she had told her was that she told Lisa straight that she did not liked the Harvard MBA’s. Linton had also assigned Scoville as the person to whom Lisa would be working under. Linton was one of the challenging managers and it was just because of her leadership style that she had revealed some of the improvement areas of Lisa. Linton was the first female product manager for the company.

             She had the belief that to climb quickly over the success leader, the best way is to work in a practical setting rather than becoming an MBA. This was not her belief but she had also proved it by herself as she was not an MBA....................

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