Learn From Each Other on the Path to Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Those who run the companies in developing countries are in a transition period. Faced with the prospect of declining growth, small and young firms are on the way forward from the previous driven economic model to an important new driver of growth: the entrepreneurial economy. Given that the differences in growth rates in developing countries due to differences in the speed with which these countries to take entrepreneurial energy, the pressure on the study of effective ways to grow and manage this new significant driver of economic growth. Economy based on production management requires very different conditions from one business where capital needs stimulating. It could even be that the policies and institutions that have made successful managed economy are counterproductive in the entrepreneurial economy. Emerging markets offer many lessons. In many ways, these countries are familiar with business: most of the work a combination of old and new models. Thus, we have the opportunity to observe those in the middle, including those who have moved on the way. At the same time, those of the emerging economies should learn from their counterparts in the developed countries, how to manage more effectively the double process of development and growth. Using examples, the author believes that the factors that help develop entrepreneurial energy -., And those that constrain it "Hide
by Roy Thurik Source: IESE-Insight Magazine 8 pages. Publication Date: September 5, 2010. Prod. #: IIR034-PDF-ENG

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Learn From Each Other on the Path to Growth

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