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This note, which describes the architecture and processes that characterize effective teams, begins with a description of the stages of design team, from the diagnosis of the complexity, interdependence, and the goals of the problem of development resources to key commands from their midst. He describes the properties to find the selection of team members, including finding the right number of people, the individual skills of the technical and interpersonal dimensions, and a combination of skills suited to this task. Once the command is, leaders and members to shape and control the processes of command, beginning with the start command. Describes how to diagnose a process of command, such as information sharing, collaboration, decision making, impression formation, and the basic dynamics of identity. Includes steps managers can take to improve the dysfunctional team processes, such as restructuring and formation of social forces within the team. Ends with a discussion of eliminating differences in the groups on both geographical and cultural differences. "Hide
by Jeffrey T. Polzer 23 pages. Publication Date: February 26, 2003. Prod. #: 403094-PDF-ENG

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Leading Teams

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