JMC Soundboard: Crossing The Sound Barrier Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2091 © 2010
Leleux, Benoit F. ; Le Hardy de Beaulieu, Laure

The sound was spooky, moving, virtually inebriateding: deep, abundant, refined, enchanting ... and it appeared to be coming out from a single square piece of wood hanging on the wall. You might stroll around the space, turn your head in all instructions and the sound was constantly there; there was something practically supernatural about it. Italian violin masters in the 17th and 18th centuries had actually very first found the distinct sound buildings of resonant wood.

Could Jeanmichel utilize these exact same buildings and, using the exact same centuries-tested wood methods, bring brand-new measurements to the world of speakers? To Jeanmichel, the difficulty was simply too appealing; he was going to produce the very first speaker system based on standard luthier strategies and provide enhanced sound an entire brand-new measurement. It worked, however more intricate difficulties lay ahead - how could such an extreme brand-new sound gadget be marketed?

Subjects: Marketing; Technology; High fidelity; Luthier; Woodcraft; Growth management; Financing; Distribution; Segmentation; Entrepreneurship; Passion; Lifestyle entrepreneurship; Sustainability; Business angels
Settings: Canton Vaud, Switzerland ; Musical instruments; High fidelity; Speakers ; 5 employees ; 2009

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JMC Soundboard: Crossing The Sound Barrier

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