Jamie Allan: Leading The Claims-Handling Initiative Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Buechel, Bettina

In the Fall of 2007, Jamie Allan, head of supply chain at Outokumpu was getting ready for a guiding group conference at which it would be selected whether to present throughout the whole company the piloted claims-handling initiative he and his group had actually been dealing with for the previous 15 months. In order to pursue its tactical concerns, Outokumpu had to end up being more customer-oriented and be acknowledged industry-wide as a company and therefore offer enhanced value to consumers. Within the rate, shipment and market competitiveness were deemed crucial to success.

Jamie and his cross-functional group of 5 supervisors had actually worked hard with a number of functional systems to specify the specifications of the initiative. Knowing goals: Evaluate tactical efforts and various types of execution practices and how they contribute to efficiency.

Subjects: Strategy; Strategic initiatives; Claims-handling initiative; Customer satisfaction; Pilot; Implementation plan
Settings: Finland; Global; Stainless steel; 2006 turnover of € 6 billion; 8,000 employees; 2006-2007

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