HEMA HATTANGADY AND CONZERV, INC Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hema hattangady and conzerv, inc Case Study Solution 


This report discusses the business evolution of Conzerv, Inc. under the leadership of Hema Hattangady. It evaluates the challenges that Hema had to face throughout her career, from 1996 to 2008 as the CEO of Conzerv, Inc. and how she overcame them. This report further discusses Hema’s performance and evaluates if Hema is the right person to continue working as the CEO of Conzerv to take it to the new heights of success in the coming years. It further generalizes the challenges that a leader has to face and what skills and abilities do a leader needs to have to overcome such challenges.


For an organization to make success, one of the most important factor is its leadership. It’s the leader of an organization that lay down the strategies that it would implement in the upcoming years and guides and motivates its employees to meet the goals of the organization.

This case study is about a girl from Delhi, Hema, who’s been taking care of the organization of her in-laws from 1996. It puts light on the style and leadership qualities that Hema has and the challenges she faced during her time at Conzerv, Inc. It evaluates the impact that the competitive business has on Conzerv, Inc.


Vasanth Rao, father in law of Hema, after retiring from his long career in 1986 wanted to pursue his dreams and build something for his sons too. Analyzing that India was growing in the industry sector and the energy consumption was likely to increase in the coming years he started manufacturing stabilizers and energy meters with his son. They both were passionate about designing it but had little interest in marketing and selling. For this purpose, Vasanth joined hands with his nephews who would sell the products for him. The nephews started blackmailing them to give them an equal share in the profit or they will leave. In 1992 the nephews left Conzerv, Inc. and started their own business. There was no one to manage the sales department so Hema’s husband took responsibility of it but later on admitting that he had no interest in this but his passion lies in manufacturing and designing he resigned from his post as CEO. In 1996, Hema became the managing director of Conzerv, Inc. She had just two goals; to make the company profitable and professional.

Leadership Challenges Faced by Hema in her Career:

Being a woman and a mother to a one year old, at the start of her career, Hema had to go through a lot of challenges. Having little experience in managing an organization at this level and due to the situation that it was in when Hema took over as the managing director, the challenges doubled for her. Secondly, due to the unavailability of senior and professional staff, she had no one to discuss the strategies with and to take the guidance from.

After analyzing the processes and different policies that the company was operating, Hema set up a 3-year target. Following are the challenges that Hema had to face at the start of her career:

  • Lack of Confidence
  • Society
  • Guidance
  • Lack of Professionalism
  • Starting from Scratch
  • Personal Life
  • Criticism from the CEO
  • Creating a Brand
  • Corruption


1.      Lack of Confidence:

Starting to work at such a senior post, Hema lacked confidence in herself. She self-doubted her own abilities if she would be able to handle all the pressure or not and feared that she might cause more loss to the company instead of bringing it back to the path of success.

2.      Society:

Working as a managing director, she had to deal with the customers and to make her mark in a male-dominated society was a challenge itself. It was hard for the customers to accept a female in this role.

3.      Guidance:

There was only her husband, Mr. Nair and Mr. Thomas available to take any guidance from and to discuss any strategies related to the management. Other than that there was no senior or professional staff available for her to discuss any crucial decisions with. She had to formulate most of the strategies herself, trusting on the knowledge that she had and her gut instincts. To formulate an efficient management team was a task itself. Hiring the employees who had the required knowledge and skills and would work honestly was another challenge.

4.      Lack of Professionalism:

When Hema joined Conzerv, Inc. as a managing director, the company was in a state of mess. There was no professionalism. The company lacked resoluteness, steady practices,and proper management and there was work needed in every department to bring it back on the track.

5.      Starting from Scratch:

Due to the condition of the organization, everything and every department required a lot of work and needed to start from the scratch.

6.      Time Management:

Hema, having a one year old, was finding it hard to keep a balance between her personal life and her time at Conzerv, Inc. She didn’t want to neglect her child and at the same time wanted the business to flourish. She faced difficulty in managing her time and prioritizing what’s more important................

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