HABIT HACKING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The personal habit that I need to counter is lack of concentration and getting distracted. The reasons that lead me towards getting distracted are many such as TV, friends, use of social media, etc. The reason that I need to counter this habit is because this habit is leading me towards being counterproductive and losing concentration and focus. The routine suggests that most of the time I come to work and try to focus, but always get distracted by receiving some texts from my friends or friends at work coming to my table discussing the happenings of yesterday. One other reason is, the moment I sit at my desk, I logged in on Facebook and twitter so the notifications and pop-ups also get me distracted and don’t allow me to focus. These factors constantly lead me towards being counterproductive as my lack of  concentration don’t allow me to focus while doing assignments and reports and putting barriers in my professional growth within the organization.

Tracking this habit is very important as I want to improve my professional growth and move upwards in the organizational hierarchy, but due to this habit, not only my performance is getting affected but also my team's performance is on the lower side. This issue is constantly providing hints to the upper management that I am not capable of leading a team which is a thing I am worried about, if I want to grow professionally and retain my position and job.

Analysis of Current Habit Loop

Current Routine

I am willing to change my routine by avoiding use of social media at work and avoid watching TV while working on a report or assignment. I mostly use social media by the time I sit on my seat as I get curious to see the notifications from last night, what my friends posted, what are the latest trends on social media, did any of my friends inbox me about any plans for the day or to check out that are any new friend requests.

Secondly, if I don’t log in, I constantly use my phone to check the above mentioned things or text anyone to start a conversation because I want to chat while working or if no one is responding I go around in the office to make some coffee, chat with other coworkers to know what's going around in their lives, anything interesting happened that I missed or is there any new movie release that is interesting or a must watch.

Another very important thing that easily gets me distracted is TV, as I easily lose my focus when there is something important paying on the TV, any of my favorite song, a football match or tennis. Anything from the above mentioned scenarios can easily get me distracted and help me losing my focus from work that eventually affect my performance. I need to counter these habits in order to gain a positive feedback from my superiors regarding my performance at work.


Mostly friends at the workplace and friends outside the workplace triggers the situations that lead me towards distraction like using social media and mobile phone and constantly engaging myself in conversations over the phone or social media. Friends at workplace call me up to their cubicles to discuss the events that are not related to work or to discuss the irrelevant issues regarding work. Friendsusually call or text to make plans for weekends like watching movie, dinner, etc. as such things are exciting me as well.

Mostly when I am feeling tired or stressful or going through some personal issues that are topping my head, I prefer using such means to fade such feelings and emotions because I don’t feel comfortable with stress on my mind.


The rewards that I attain through all the means mentioned above include, getting social, get to know more people, getting rid of boredom and anxiety, avoiding bad habits like smoking and drinking, feel more relaxed after talking to other people, stay in touch with my friends and follow new trends going around, gain more information about the happenings in the town or around the globe etc. all these rewards are immediate to come as there is nothing tangible associated for which I have to wait. It’s the feeling that I get as a reward which are immediate and I don’t have to wait long for gaining these rewards, the feelings come immediately after I do the above mentioned things or behaviors.

I used a support group technique to analyze the cues towards my behavior and the rewards that I can get from these behaviors. I invited a few friends and co-workers for a discussion and discussed about the benefits they get from using social media, watching TV, etc. at work and what motivates them to do so...................

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