Global Software Industry in 2006 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The software has been the most profitable segment of the IT industry, but since the dot-com collapse in the early 2000s, sales and profits software has been significantly reduced. However, if you look beyond the traditional boundaries of the software industry (for example, system and application software), a different story unfolds. In particular, a new era emerging with the advent of Service Oriented Architecture (new approach to software design and development), service-as-software (a new generation of software), as well as a number of social and economic factors enabled by the Internet. Many in the tech community were convinced that Web 2.0 came. Thus, the entire software industry is expected to enter into a new cycle of growth, which led to some key questions: What were the specific opportunities and challenges facing the industry players, and what strategy (or business model) is not software companies need to take? "Hide
by Ali F. Farhoomand, Samuel Tsang Source: University of Hong Kong, 30 pages. Publication Date: June 29, 2006. Prod. #: HKU582-PDF-ENG

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Global Software Industry in 2006

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