Four puzzles from cyberspace Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


There is a difference between the laws of reality and the laws of cyberspace, and the blurring line starts as we begin to move from real life to a more virtual life. The regulations of cyberspace are governed by the human made rules, which can be changed as they are not the natural laws which are governed by the God.

The difference between real and virtual life can be demonstrated with the case study of Jake from Ann Arbor who was a quite person and a famous author of short stories featuring rape when he entered his virtual life online on cyberspace. This is a perfect example of ambiguity in the real and virtual life.

It could be that this was a fictional story or may be it is possible that Jake wanted such a thing but somehow he did not have the courage to do so. This brings a question as to how to regulate this type of behavior or whether it should be regulated at all.

The article states about the two laws; laws of real life and the law of virtual life. The difference between the two is drastic however;the major difference is the natural law, which does not apply in the virtual world. An example of this is the discussion between the two neighbors about the death of dog when the dog eats the poisonous Patel of the flower grown by her neighbor.

What can be the reason to grow poisonous flowers and after the dog died the women argued that the person should have a dog who does not feel pain when die.

Cyberspace also allows people to have their own rules and to create their own rules as they have the free will to do whatever they want to do in the virtual world. However, if cyberspace is regulated in a positive manner as normally it is done in the real life, then such short stories which are prompting people to attempt rapes and have the pleasure of having forced sex will create illness in the society.

Such things should be stopped and if it is said that one should have the freedom of speech, then it should have the parameters which allow the speech which is acceptable to all. There should be checks and balances to make sure that ill matter is not being published which can cause the society.

Even if the matter is regulated will it be helpful for the society to be safe from the ill will of the people and what will be the effects of the cyberspace being used by the people in their real life. Therefore,it is easier to change the laws made by the people but the natural laws that are made by the nature cannot be changed.

The laws made by the people can be amended as there is no such thing called the perfect law, there fore if amendments are made for the good of the people then such amendments should be allowed. The natural laws are the laws that cannot be changed as the law of death, which is that everyone has to die one day no one can live forever and ever.........................

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