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In the mid-1980s, a sweetener Holland Co (HSC) has faced a decision on whether to enter the European and Canadian markets aspartame NutraSweet after patents there. The main issue before the HSC whether NutraSweet will respond in kind to join, or aggressive manner. Thus, NutraSweet may start a price war in Europe or in Canada as a warning to those who see access to the U.S. market as soon as its patent expired there in 1992. On the other hand, the answer may simply be seen as "water under the bridge" by the time the U.S. market opened. In this case, NutraSweet can opt for the best live and let live approach in Europe and Canada. Given the uncertainty of the reaction NutraSweet, a GSK had to make his decision comes in the mist. This case addresses some aspects of the game between the company, which was founded in the number of markets and companies that seek to enter these markets. "Hide
by Adam Brandenburger Source: Harvard Business School 2 pages. Publication Date: January 29, 1993. Prod. #: 793098-PDF-ENG

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