FleetBoston Financial: Online Banking Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the ninth-largest bank holding company in the United States in 2000, FleetBoston Financial Corporation has provided a lot of financial services, including retail banking, loans, and brokerage accounts. This is considered as FleetBoston responded to the Internet and the emergence of new competition from both inside and outside the banking industry. Most case introduces students to the way customers interact with financial services, these companies make money, and what are the challenges and opportunities. Most retail banking customers are unprofitable, making for a unique operating environment in which innovation consistently to reduce costs. Because customer behavior directly affects the costs Innovation Center to provide low-cost channels for customer operations. Unfortunately, each new feed increases the overall costs, and banks continue to face shrinking costs. Furthermore, the Internet has created new competitors, many with less structure and revenue potential beyond banking. "Hide
by Francis H. Frey, Hanna Rodriguez-Farrar Source: Harvard Business School 16 pages. Publication Date: November 13, 2000. Prod. #: +601042- PDF-ENG

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FleetBoston Financial: Online Banking

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