Five Keys to Prepare for the Business of Aging Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Economic and demographic projections show the instability of the health system in the industrialized world. The increase in the proportion of elderly and chronically ill people has a lot of pressure on existing systems that were not designed to support the long-term dependency. This situation makes the current system more inefficient and costly. However, it also presents more opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship and improve the quality of care. This paper defines the best practices in the organization and management of services to care for the chronically ill and the elderly, based on the studies of the transatlantic project, led by IESE. Changing the model of health care is multidimensional and can not be reduced to mere introduction of isolated formulas, such as co-payments, the authors say. Instead, it requires a comprehensive solution. They recommend five key areas where efforts should be focused. Use of reliable and open rates, creating legitimate jobs, developing better professional profiles by using an integrated approach and the involvement of all to make the system better and more efficient "Hide
by Marta Elvira, Lluesma Carlos Rodriguez, Nuria Mas Source: IESE -Insight Magazine 8 pages. Publication Date: June 15, 2012. Prod. #: IIR077-PDF-ENG

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Five Keys to Prepare for the Business of Aging

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