Filmmaster MEA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            The paper attempts to provide the brief description of Filmmaster MEA long with its various business activities. The paper also attempts to examine the current Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy for the company which further enables to describe the corporate values and code of ethics for the company. Furthermore, the paper highlights the various reasons and rationale for performing the CSR strategies by the company, while also providing the business value which has been attained by the company through these CSR strategies. Lastly, the paper provides the 3 top most important stakeholders of the company along with the assessment of the CSR strategies.

Brief Description of the Company’s Activity

Filmmaster MEA is an Italian company which was founded in the year 1976 as an advertising company, while it diversified its business in related fields which include Live Events and Multimedia. Since its diversification, the company has flourished in becoming the best agency in the world. One of the biggest events that has been conducted by the agency was the one in 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games where it was responsible for managing the opening and the closing ceremony.

The offices of the company are situated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and different Middle East countries in order to remain connected with the regional markets, while giving an Italian flair to their product and service offerings. The company is passionate to deliver the best solution to its clients while maintaining a good relationship. Furthermore, the company has responded well to the changing needs of their customers due to economic globalization. The company earns 30% growth each year which outlines the performance of the company (Filmmastermea, 2012).

Current CSR Strategy of the Company


Since the inception of Filmmaster MEA 39 years ago, the company describes the passions and its commitment to deliver advertisements and performing other business activities with social harmony, respect, and love. Today, the company is pursuing its vision and its purpose of existence in countries where it performs its business. Doing the right thing has been embedded in the company’s DNA as one of the founders of the company suggests. This allows the company to perform the way it works including the various business partners along with its communities. Through simplicity, humility, and integrity, while remaining focused towards success have allowed Filmmaster MEA to create an ethical and vibrant business culture in the history of the advertisement companies.

The values of the company has enabled a sustainable business success for Filmmaster MEA in their day-to-day business activities and actions. Giving priorities to stakeholder and delivering them the desired value has positively affect the company’s growth in both individual and collective success. The strong reputation of the company in Middle East regions has been due to positive values and portraying a strong desire to achieve excellence in its business activities. Furthermore, for the long-term sustainability and avoiding unwanted risks, the company has emphasized its focus on doing what is right for the society and for the business.

Code of Ethics

            For any advertisement or an event organizing company, it is essential that they display highest personal ethics. Similarly, Filmmaster MEA deliver higher level of ethics in the creation and dissemination of information which is provided in its commercials to consumers. In many commercials which have been created by the company, it believes that providing the right information is its aim regardless of the capabilities which are present in the clients’ products. Furthermore, the company continuously examines the news and its editorial contents for any unethical news either online or offline in order to implement its code of ethics in its different business segments.

            The company has made sure that it never reveal or compromise the clients’ personal privacy. Furthermore, the company also claims that the information provided in its advertisements are transparent and does not forces its concepts and ideas upon the viewers. In every advertisements of the company, it provides a two-way thought process which may enable a viewer to think differently from others. There is a reflection of love and harmony in every advertisement of the company whether it be General Motor Corporation commercial or Emirates commercial which featured the two best football players Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele.........................

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